Monday, 24 December 2007

Mugabe's Motives..? The History of Land Violence in Zimbabwe

Well, for those of you that are actually interested in understanding the background to Mugabe's recent antics, (beyond the 'just another mad African dictator,' common 'wisdom,') here is a well researched paper on the history of Zimbabwe's land situation. It seems Mugabe maybe right about this land thing as well...


African Policy said...

Thanks for the link, expect comments as soon as havread it.

Ryan said...

I am sorry but you are totally mistaken. Your mindset is what has kept Africa from developing into a world power. Yes we need to remember all those who died to liberate the country and yes we need to praise them for their victories, but for you to think we are still fighting wars is absurd.

Why must everything be a fight? The current government is killing people who want to try a different path to the future, people that want to let go of unecessary baggage that is hampering progress.

I do not want to waist my time with this any further. It is a ludacris suggestion he is not right at all and he is killing our people!!!